like the title says, this is home. so feel free cozy up in a corner, kick your feet up, and spend some time at The Adventurette.


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Behind the Words



little bits about the author:

  • she loves books and tea. specifically jasmine or lemon tea.
  • she loves cats – fluffy cats, skinny cats, fat cats, all cats.
  • she loves to laugh, and appreciates the people who can make her laugh.
  • she is learning to love the little things in life.
  • her favorite time of day is golden hour, when everything glows with the last rays of sunlight.
  • she likes to experiment in the kitchen, but is not necessarily successful every time.
  • her favorite food is pasta and croissants.
  • she loves being outside when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming
  • change is hard for her, but she is learning.
  • she’s in the process of writing a book (hopefully!)
  • music is the rhythm of her soul.
  • she grew up with the salt of the ocean in her veins
  • she loves deep, one on one conversations.
  • she’s a bit of an ambivert.
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Contact Me

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