like the title says, this is home. so feel free cozy up in a corner, kick your feet up, and spend some time at The Adventurette.


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A Lil About Yours Truly

well this certainly needed an update x)


I’m Faith. A young teenage girl on the West Coast with a blog about her life. Here are some random facts about me :D

  1. I’m an avid musician and I currently play piano, violin, and guitar.
  2. Food photography is my weakness. It also makes me mad because I wish I could actually eat the pictures.
  3. I absolutely LOVE being in the kitchen – cooking and baking is full of endless surprises that never fail to tantalize my senses.
  4. I have an Instagram and you should totally follow me @jfk.oon ;)
  5. I cannot light birthday candles to save my life O_O
  6. The beach has some sort of power over me – the sound of delicate, crashing waves instantly soothes my mind.
  7. I love all food, but my comfort food is pasta. And baguettes. Also lasagna.
  8. I started this blog two years ago because I wanted to share my life with others and make them smile :)
  9. I am a Christian, a proud daughter of the King.
  10. My friends and family mean the world to me and I love them to death.
  11. I’m a pretty tiny person, just barely over 5 feet xD
  12. I love reading your comments.Your feedback means so much to me!
  13. I’m a human too. Don’t think of me as some random blogger out there – we’re all here for each other :)
  14. I love all animals – especially corgis and shiba inus!

Love you all so so so much! I hope you stick around :)

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Contact Me

I’m welcome to any new post suggestions or questions! Just fill in the form and you’re set to go :D