My Dad’s Perseverance 😄

Recently, my father got the idea of building some swings for my sister and I. To all of us, this seemed like a great idea, but neither of us knew the challenging task that lay ahead. On his first attempt, Dad attached ropes to some boards and hung them from the oak branches.

Hmm. Very crude, Dad.

However, we excitedly jumped on. My sister, Carissa, enthusiastically began to swing her leg over the board — and promptly tumbled to the leafy ground!!! The rope had unknotted and now lay, useless. We shot dejected looks at our sheepishly grinning father. Disappointed, me and my sister retreated to the house while Dad busied himself trying to fix it. The next day, he gave up. However, he resolved to make a better – AWESOME – swing!!! Carissa and I watched uncertainly as he drove away to Home Depot.

Dad returned toting a long, wooden board. In addition, he had sturdy ropes and metal finishing touches with him.

He set to work.

Sawing, measuring, climbing up on ladders which tilted precariously. Tying knots carefully. Getting up early to work on them. Untiringly, he labored each morning to make his creation perfect. With love, Dad gave his time and effort to produce two beautiful swings, hanging from our shady oak tree. Today, they make a beautiful picture — two swings, side by side — and two young girls, screaming with delight as their daddy pushes them.

Thank you, Daddy.


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