Something Bittersweet

About the use of phones and other kinds of technology.


Yesterday, while eating out, I witnessed a very sad sight. Tucked away in a corner booth, a family sat over their plates of food.

That’s sad, you say? Now hear this part.

They weren’t even eating. Instead, all four were hovering over their bundles of technology.

It was astounding to see. None of them were talking to each other like every family should over the dinner table. Instead, the mother was fiddling with her digital calculator, the daughter (MY SISTER’S AGE!!) on Instagram, the son on his headphones, and the father doing i-don’t-know-what. I lingered for a moment, watching them silently dabble with their phones.

is your family like this???
is your family like this???
Technology has its good and bad parts alike. With it, we can attempt things never done before in only two decades. However, it has negative influences, such as what I have previously written above. Families may get too caught up in the media craze, and start drifting from one another. Their phones become the center of their lives, which revolve around them. Think about it. What role does your phone play in your life today?

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