What do You Call Home?

By Oceanwave12

Teacher: Mrs. Gregorich

    Without homes, love, and joy, homelessness is a serious and sad problem that we see every day. In my heart, I believe that it is our duty to help these people. Have you ever had to worry about where your next meal would be coming from or a place to sleep? We have plenty of resources, why don’t we share them with the homeless? It’s time to bring light and hope into their lives. In this post, I will be covering the topic of homelessness.

Last year, the rate for homelessness was 3.5 million per year. (a) That’s 842,000 per day. Imagine. All across our nation, person after person being dumped out on the streets to live a life of despair. In the statistics below, you can see that California especially had a large number of individuals lacking homes.

                                            Stats for homeless people in 2013

In Los Angeles alone, there were 57,737 without a home. (b) Why are there so many destitute people? The first reason is housing. In the beginning, many people have a home: but they are too poor to afford it. They must also decide whether to spend their money on food and other needs, or give up a large portion to housing. In the end, they usually abandon their homes to save money for education and childcare, which they value more.  Stuck in a mud puddle of poverty, the homeless, wandering on the streets, also contract health problems such as infections, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Having not enough money to go to the doctor’s office, they usually suffer terribly – from the lack of medicine and sufficient supplies. They are without warm clothing, food, and hope.

In a cold snowstorm in January of 2014, a shivering person huddles against the wall in search of shelter.

I can never walk by a homeless person without a piece of my heart being ripped away. My mind thinks, “What if I were the one who was begging on the sidewalk, tattered clothes flapping in the chilly wind? How would I survive?” And yet we, personally, are not taking action!!!

Some say, “Sure, that’s a great idea and all, you know, to help the homeless, but…It costs money!!!! Those people aren’t worth it. They’ll probably go back to their old ways anyway. It’s no use.”

In answer to that, well, you don’t have to give all of your money to those people on the streets. Everywhere around you, there are programs especially for lessening the sting of homelessness. Volunteers of America (www.voa.org) is a widespread organization, and another program is the Homeless Assistance Program (MHALA), run by the government. Do the homeless a favor and bring them to these shelters. Additionally, yourselves, you could lend a hand, ride, or dollar to these struggling survivors. And if you think they will return to their miserable life, listen to this: Most homeless act immoral only because they are hopeless and have no other choice. However, if a spark of aspiration touches their hearts, it is most likely that they will change. They don’t want to behave in such unworthy ways. In their mind, I’m sure that they want to change, but have no one to encourage and guide them.

In conclusion, think about it. Where would you rather sleep: a hard bench, or your bed, complete with thick sheets, cushiony pillows, and gel memory foam? What would you rather eat: hot, home cooked food or stale bread from a garbage can? I have no doubt that you would choose the best out of these options. And so would homeless people, if they could. They are just like us, normal people. However, they are caught in the net of poverty, loneliness, and despair. About to give up. But if we untangle the nets with love…they would be free to live in the sea of life. Help the homeless!


Teacher: Mrs. Gregorich

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(d) Photo by John Moore/Getty Images


5 thoughts on “ What do You Call Home?

  1. Sad but true. But we also should look at why they are homeless. I doubt that we should give a homeless alcoholic money to buy alcohol.


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