Yummy in Your Tummy for Winter

berry cupcake
           berry cupcake


    Mmmmmm.. don’t these pictures make you feel hungry? I love sweet things, from pies to brownies, but I especially enjoy the desserts that are VEGAN. And guess what? The scrumptious-looking cupcake above is vegan! Now, you should be drooling and begging me to tell you where I got this.

Well, I have to say first that I didn’t buy it. Nope, can’t find that particular cupcake in a store! We have an amazing friend/baker who specializes in sweets. Usually, she makes them just for us and some other close friends. But, lucky you! She has an online bakery where she sells her beautiful and yummy products. She bakes goodies that will make you want more! Tell me in the comments below if you want the website link. I promise you, you’ll love our baker/friend’s desserts! (at least we do!)



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