Thanksgiving: The True Meaning of this Gluttonous Holiday

Thanksgiving. People celebrate this day, which is dedicated to giving thanks, in different ways. Some gather around a festively decorated table, which is bowed down with numerous dishes and a huge, stuffed turkey.


Others join in a quiet celebration of gratefulness with close friends and family. In my family, we do not make a big deal out of Thanksgiving. Some years, we go to a friend’s house and have a simple potluck. There, we’ll engage in several games with other people dear to us. But, we don’t adorn our house with colorful leaves or entwined wreaths. There are no sunset-orange pumpkins sleeping in our hallways, either. For what is the true meaning of Thanksgiving? To glut oneself without self control until he or she is about to pop like a balloon? Or, like I mentioned before, to give thanks to our God and Father, who bestows every blessing upon us. The Pilgrims’ underlying purpose was not to just enjoy a bountiful feast, but to express gratitude to God for providing them with healthy crops and safety. Over the past years, however, people have modified Thanksgiving until it has almost lost its sacred, special meaning! This Thursday, I want you to think about the genuine way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Eat only enough to keep healthy. Consume the right foods. Maybe you should make a list of all the blessings that have been gifted to you. All in all, remember to thank our Father on that day……and on every day afterward. Forever. – oceanwave12


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