Night Market Adventure

“COME BUY MY HANDBAGS!” A lady’s shrill market voice sliced through the air.
Not to be outdone, another vender yelled, also in Chinese, “Come buy my clothes! You can even try them on!!!”
The night market in Taiwan is bustling and as packed as sardines in a can.
I stayed close to Mom as we moved forward at the pace of one inch per second. Bright lights dazzled my eyes as they clashed with equally shining colors. Chinese characters shouted silently for customers to buy.

“How about some food?” Mom joined the throng at a booth.
I sniffed the air. It all smelled strange to me. As an American-born Chinese with Taiwanese parents, I was unfamiliar with the culture of Taiwan. This visit of six weeks hopefully would help to immerse me into my parents’ homeland.

Mom appeared with a paper bowl of deep-fried mushrooms. Normally, we don’t eat such things, but hey — its Taiwan! I popped a tasty, crispy oyster mushroom into my mouth as we moved from booth to booth, store to store. While shopping, we also munched on goodies like green onion pancake, a salty, fluffy dough studded with green onions. There are so many incredibly cute things there. Plus, everything is way cheaper than it would be in America!!!! As the night progressed, I purchased a pair of jeans and some adorable slip-on shoes to bring back to the U.S. It was amazing how I then became tired after only thee hours. I guess the crowds and heavy air was getting to me. Wearily, we waved for a taxi. Then, a large one pulled over to the side, and I fell asleep in its backseat as we zoomed back to my grandparents’ house.
I’ll definitely go back to the night market — later.


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