Chao Zhou, Ping Dong, Taiwan

Chao Zhou is an enchanting place. We took a 3 hour train ride here from Taichung. Along the way, I saw rice paddies, gardens tucked here and there and everywhere, and bananas and sugarcane.

Ping Dong is in the southern part of Taiwan, and agriculture is major here. The market is full of vegetables and fruits. Something totally unrelated: they sell frog legs there. Poor, pitiful, froggies. 😭 🐸
Ping Dong is not as urbanized as Taipei or Taichung, but it is still very city-like compared to where I live in. They also have an amazing shaved ice with taro that is just heavenly!!!! We ate there every single day, even before our train ride back at noon!!😄😄
While at Chao Zhou, we visited the ocean and Kenting. I took many pictures of the quiet beach….uploading them later. Kenting has beautiful, peaceful beaches with broken coral that washes up on shore. But in another area, spooky, jagged rock formations rise up over the foggy sea. Kenting is a great place to visit!
We ended our visit to Kenting and Chao Zhou with a bowl of sweet shaved ice. Food is always the perfect way to end a vacation :)

Photos coming later!!


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