Bubbling Hot Pot Night

December 23, 2014 but posted on December 26, 2014
Wow! Today we visited our second cousins in the very center of Taiwan, her Sun Moon Lake. They kindly took us out for a whole day of sightseeing! It was all very exciting, with so many new things to see (and eat). To finish the day off, our relatives drove us to a fancy hot pot restaurant. A hot pot consists of a pot of soup, with ingredients of your choice.

We entered through the shiny doors and were seated, eight of us, at two tables. Soup bases were hastily ordered (mine was miso). Then, it was off to the ingredients!!!
Oh my word. There was a whole wall of soup add ons. Vegetables, fish balls, noodles, and meat waited patiently in bins. I loaded my plate with bokchoy, stringy mushrooms, and vegetarian fish balls. Yum! My sister went crazy – she was in her own little heaven. After storing my ingredients safely at my seat, I decided to tour the rest of the room. My eyes were pleasantly surprised and dazzled! They feasted on a mini chocolate fountain, make-it-yourself shaved ice, cake, popsicles, and ice cream! A bit giddy, I hurried back to the table, anticipating a good dessert.
Each person in this restaurant has their own private soup pot to cook with. That suits me just fine because I am kinda selfish when it comes to delicious food. I set my soup to a boil and began my temporary role as soup chef.
It was so much fun! As we cooked our veges, my cousins and I giggled and yakked. Food really pulls relatives together like a magnet. Laughter, chat, and love circled around a great supper.
After the main course, we were free to (cautiously) satisfy our cravings for sweets. I chose a oreo/vanilla popsicle and a sweet drink while keeping in mind that I had to work this all off (Doesn’t that always bother us when we’re trying to enjoy a slightly unhealthy treat?). All in all, it was a great memory to hold fast in our hearts. <3
Post more later! And pictures!



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