Test of Two Beloved Monsters

“Do you like my back massage?”
“Look at my mask!”
“I need help!”
“Do you want your backpack?”
“Guess what I did in the airplane!”

We were driving around in Taiwan. It was a gloomy, rainy day – and it became even more gloomy when two young boys belonging to our friends jumped into our van. They were…….indescribable!

The two brothers swarmed over the seats and jabbered for the whole trip. One, nine years old, tried to inform me about his trip to Cambodia. The other one, seven years old of age, hit me on the head with a big clay flute and also fought for the right to tell me about his trip to Vietnam and Singapore. ๐Ÿ˜“ It was unimaginably loud, noisy, and chaotic. As I write, Little M is rotating a Taiwanese flute around my face. I think it will gouge my eye out soon. Big M on my left is (finally!) sitting quietly and still. (Thank goodness!) Little M has changed his goal: he’s destroying my aura of tranquility. I am in the middle of bedlam. Big M has a creepy black mask on and is beatboxing next to me.

My sister, on my right side, is getting the spirit and is beat boxing.

AURGH! -Pulling hair out in hopelessness-going crazy-AURGH!

Ahem….all dramatic-ness aside….
After listening to my tale of misery and woe, can you readers believe that I was able to draw a moral lesson from this!?
From these two almost little brothers, I was able to greatly develop my patience and character. I learned how to cope with the amazing, unstoppable energy of Little M and Big M. I can sit in peace and, with a motherly nature, control them (kind of). So you see, God has a purpose for everything…..
Even these two little beloved rascals/monsters who were sent to teach me the valuable lesson of patience.
An hour after writing this…..
“Knock knock!”
Uh oh. Big M is telling me a not-so-funny joke.
“Who’s there?” He answers himself, grinning like a maniac. “Max is here. Ain’t that funny?”
I groan. Time to exercise my new skill of everlasting patience.

P.S. The two bros plus my sister helped me write this. :) ๐Ÿ˜–


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