Life of a Ranunculus Flower

I will be rambling a lot in this post, so bear with me……

Today our whole family went out to buy some plants for our backyard. Home Depot was our first stop, and while my parents were busily scanning the price tags, my skilled and trained eye snagged on these:


That’s right, ranunculus.
Of course I had to ask my mom to get one for me. Of course she said yes because I am such an amazing daughter ;) And of course I spent a quite a while roaming around the gorgeous display, marveling at the bright colors and delicate petals. Being a super organized and detailed person (haha), I immediately thought of a plan to help me select one perfect flower out of countless others.
1. Choose a color.
I settled on a white-with-purple-tinted-edges, one that looked like a princess’s ball gown.

similar to my flower

2. Choose healthy looking plant.

I tried to find a perfect flower, lots o’ leaves and numerous buds.

3. Hide it from little sister until checkout counter (this one totally failed.)

I attempted to conceal the sprawling ranunculus behind my back but I guess it was too pretty (heh) and she caught sight of it. Running to our mom, Little C pleaded, “Can I have one too, Mommy?”

I groaned. Using my supposed big sister wisdom, I tried to distract her but failed. She ended up carrying a perfectly pink ranunculus to the shopping cart.

In the car we stared, mesmerized, at our ranunculus plants.

“Mine is the prettiest,” I claimed.

Little C shook her head stubbornly. “No, mine is.”

“Nuh-uh. Look at these purple petals. They’re gorgeous!”


Needless to say, we made a lot of noise and the banter kept up for a while. Suddenly, mid-argument, we both discovered a sickening truth: our flowers were.. (dramatic sob).. wilting!!!! Panicked, we ordered the car windows to be opened so fresh air could make its way to the drooping leaves.

Urm….It didn’t really help.

I fanned the moist petals while thinking hard. “I know! Let’s sing to them!” Little C readily agreed (for once) and we both began to sing a squeaky version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars.”

Yes, yes, I know this sounds ridiculous but singing is supposed to help sickly plants! And whaddya know…our ranunculus lifted their heads, waved their leaves, and began singing along with us!

Ok, no, they didn’t.

However, they did perk up a bit, enough to satisfy us. Once home, they were tenderly watered and freshened outside in the cool afternoon air.

That’s all. End of my rambles for the day.

-That Girl Over There


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