You Know, One of Those Days…….

Ever had a day like this one?


You know, one of those days…..

When you wake up two hours late (working on an overdue, super boring project the last night) and your mom doesn’t wake you up because “you’re responsible enough to take care of your own responsibilities.” As a result, you arrive super tardy in class, panting like a crazed dog, with everyone already there (even that weird guy who always arrives an hour late).

And they’re staring at you…for a reason.

Your hair looks like you’ve plugged yourself into an electrical socket. You still have your fluffy pajama pants on, plus mismatched socks, and to top it all off, a rainbow-colored stuffed unicorn hugged under your arm instead of your schoolbooks. (Hey, everyone would rather carry a unicorn instead of heavy schoolbooks right?!)

When you finally stagger through classes and reach the safety of home, you collapse into bed, but hear your kindergarten-aged sister whining to you to read her a book. You glance at her, then at the overflowing stack of homework you have to do. You push her out the door as gently as you can, which causes furious wails and weeping, then begin to tackle the Monster of Homework that stares angrily at you, a silent message from your unimpressed teacher back at school. Five minutes into your history lesson, your mom calls, “Honey! Dinnertime!” So you slowly, reluctantly, trudge to the dinner table, hoping for vegan shepherd’s pie, lasagna, or something yummy like that. Once at the dining room, Mom smiles and gestures.

“I cooked your favorite, dear.”

You turn your head to look eagerly at the table…..and then you fall into a chair, about to faint.

Brussels sprouts sit patiently on the table, combined with squishy, smelly, yucky, shiitake mushrooms. How appetizing.

One of those days. How do you cope? For me, it’s the beach. It’s the glint of the ever-moving waves, pure and beautiful, washing the damp shoreline over and over again. I love the silky softness of the sand that almost makes me believe that it isn’t there. And the feeling of just sitting on my surfboard, quietly floating on the water stirs up peace in my heart. I feel as if I could just fade away, into the sparkling water and salty breeze and disappear from all my troubles. The beach is my mental relaxation place, my home away from home. Some people meditate with their yoga mats, but I meditate while being pushed along by a light wave, balancing surfer-stance on my board.

Here I’d like to quote a sticker that I saw on the back of my neighbor’s truck (she also happens to surf) :

“There are no bad days.”


Now you might be thinking, “This blogger is crazy. I should never have clicked on this post in the first place. I mean, everyone has bad days, don’t they?”
I know, I really am crazy. But the thing is, what I’m saying is NOT crazy. Bad days can be shaken upside down till they are the most wonderful days you have ever experienced. How? With God, of course. Everyday, have personal devotions and pray for a “merry heart” Cheerfulness is so contagious! It spreads like wildfire. It takes courage to pull yourself out of the sticky goo of depression, but once you’re out, YOU’RE OUT. You have a chance to change, to change the people around you.
Why not take that chance today?

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