A New Author…..

Yo. My name is Conrad. I’m an aging dog, a beagle, getting a bit shaky in the joints, but still full of energy! People love me and I love them, especially when they give me bits of human food. Currently I am staying in the house of this blogger/master/weirdo who, recently, spends so much time on this shiny, boxy thing that lights up…….. and not with me. Injustice! I am so adorable, and yet she ignored me while staring at the screen. Look, I’m soft, cuddly, and pudgy, complete with a sense of humor and yet loyal obedience. I’m covered with patches of tan, white, and black (quite handsome, I should say). I also have these large, chocolate brown eyes that work wonders when soft-hearted humans begin to eat their lunch (most of it goes to me).

Irresistible, I know. How could my master’s weird, black, boxy thing be more irresistible than me? I had to find out.

So, this morning,  I’ve sneaked onto this box they call a “computer” while my master is off making a mess in the kitchen (something about vegan crepes). I shall tell you a bit about my master. Well….she is sometimes kinda crazy. My master screams a lot, and especially when her technological gadgets die in the middle of an important text. And you should see her when she’s late for something. Man, she is just huffing and puffing with frustration as she totes an overflowing bag of piano music and jumps into the car, then leaves vivid tire tracks on the driveway as she zooms away. Plus, my master is always over-stressing about “homework, homework, and more homework.”

  You dogs have it easy, she always grumbles at me while jamming at the keyboard of her computer, typing up an essay which she labels as “hopelessly boring and totally uneducational.”  Yup…..us dogs sure do have a life of ease… You humans just have to loosen up more. You only live so long……don’t spend it worrying about your failing businesses or overdue report. The key to a long and happy life? God, my friends. He’s the One who will make your life brighter and more blessed. Remember that.

Uh oh… My master is coming back, and she has this furious look on her face. I think she burned her crepes…..Gotta go! Catch you later! Don’t forget to “like” this….



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