#True Happiness

True Happiness

Dear followers,

Sometimes you feel that you just aren’t good enough.

You look around and see dozens of others who are smarter than you, prettier than you, more popular than you. Everyday, you despair because you compare them to yourself and think, “Oh, I wish that I was more [fill in the blank] like her/him! Then I would be happy forevermore!”


The only way to find true happiness is to be yourself and love who you are. ¬†You were created by God with a purpose, with a plan in mind. He loves you more than tongue can tell, and each tiny detail in your life was foreseen. He didn’t mean for you to blindly follow the crowd, He meant for you to STAND OUT and be a witness for Him. Imagine. The Author of the whole universe has employed YOU to work for Him. Isn’t that more important than conforming to the world?


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