The End of Another One

It’s the end of another school year. Grad day can be exceedingly bittersweet- you have the joy and celebration of graduating, but at the same time, you feel the sorrow of putting all those 2014-2015 memories away for the approaching summer.

As for me – I’ve had more memories at school than one my age could ever have in nine months. My classes have been both fun and educational – even though sometimes I didn’t want to take them. My teachers have been both supporting and forgiving when I forget to turn in homework or make a million mistakes. Then there are those hilarious ‘inside jokes’ that only me and my friends understand. You know, the kind of jokes that, just by performing a certain action, or catching your friend’s eye at a specific moment, can send both you and your amigo or amiga into a seemingly eternal laughing spasms. My friends are always there for me (or just a quick text away!) .
So, to all my friends: thank you for water balloons, bugs in gardening class, kabobs, laughter, ice skating sessions, arm wrestling tournaments, selfies, hats, candid photos, letting me hack your phonesπŸ˜‰, soccer, and putting up with my hyper moments, my perpetual weirdness, and naive self! Thank you for embracing me without judging.
I’ve learned so many things this year – and not just in the classrooms. Just casually chatting with my friends can teach me a diverse array of things. This year I learned what a good friend is like – one that listens to all your troubles, prays for you, and is the sunshine in your cloudy life. Going to a real Christian school has helped me to develop my character and grow up in God.
Mhm, my Heavenly Father has blessed me richly during this school year of 2014-2015. Even though I hate to leave it all behind, I know that I’ll always have these memories in my heart. When I’m an old grandmother, rocking away in my rocking chair and listening to fifty year old songs, I’ll look back on these days and be reminiscing all the fun I had; all the different ways I have changed. But more importantly, I have a God that has a plan for my life β€” a plan thought out even to the smallest detail. I pray that I will continue to trust and love Him more each day.


That Girl Over There~


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