Keep a Song in Your He❤rt

When you keep a song in your heart, the day is always brighter. Start your mornings by praising God for waking you up so that you can have another day to perfect, polish, and beautify your character.

It’s very tempting as mortals to immediately cringe from all life’s burdens and pressures that crowd your mind as soon as you wake up. I’ve experienced that. Personally, I think my biggest pressures come from striving to keep my grades above 90% and staying ahead in my courses. Some days, I sleepily open my eyes and the first thing I think of is:
“AGH! I must accomplish all my lessons today! I must finish that essay! Study for that gigantic test!”
It’s a heart-sinking feeling.
But I’ve learned that my morning’s priority is not rushing to complete all my classes, but first spending personal time with God. I try to deepen my spiritual relationship with Him every day. After a study of His messages and a sincere prayer, I get out of bed and walk out the bedroom door, trusting that He will help me get through the day. And He does.
Don’t let life get you down. Keep a song in your heart. Just try it.

That Girl Over There


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