Morning Plea.

Dear God,

As I start another day, I want to thank You for giving me another chance to perfect my character. Father, I pray that everything I do today will reflect You like a crystal mirror. I want my thoughts, my actions, my words, my all – to say that I am a true daughter of the King.

Dear God, I want to live for something better on this Earth. It seems that all the worldly pleasures I seek only bring temporary bliss. They’re like flecks of dust, drifting in the sunlight. They sparkle innocently as the world temptingly offers it to me, but all the façade disappears as soon as I get a hold of them. And then, too late, I realize it was all an illusion. Please help me not to fall for the temporal things.

Also, Lord, please take away this feeling of aloneness that lies deep within my soul. I cannot shake it off by myself. When I feel my deepest loneliness, change my heart so that my highest aim, goal, and purpose in life is to live a life that glorifies You. When I feel in need of human beings’ unnecessary attention and praise, help me to remember Your boundless, limitless, undying love. Thank You for loving me to the extent of giving Your Son for me. I praise You for Your mercy and love that cannot be surpassed; for Your abundant blessings.

I love You.


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4 thoughts on “Morning Plea.

  1. My dear sister in Christ, thank you for sharing your morning prayer with us! I used to feel alone as well. Thanks to God the Holy Spirit who has come to reside in my body to be divine companion as long as I trust, welcome, am born again by Him, and walk with one heart with Him! I hope that you will find inner satisfaction with God the Holy Spirit resides in you as our King Jesus Christ wants you to have into eternity. For a good read about Christ’s revelation on this Christian experience, please read :)


  2. You Are Beautiful. Your words are beautiful. Father, bless my dear sister as she walks in your Spirit today. Guide her, lead her. Show her the way. May her eyes be focused only on You. On your goodness. Your grace. Your love. Blind her to distractions of this life, and open her eyes to the things that are above. Give her new perspective, Your perspective, so that she may see your workings in her heart. Bless her Father, today and every day. <3

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