Food + Me = Bestie Goals

Hey guys,

I literally just finished doing my calisthenics aka torture. Why would I do such a thing to myself? It’s not even Christmas yet but I’ve kinda sorta maybe been eating a leetle too much. So, like a good girl, I did all my sit-ups, push-ups, planking, stretching, squats, lunges, and leg-lifts today. When I was done, I looked at my watch, expecting that I’d been working out for like 40 minutes but what did my faithful watch say? 15 MINUTES!!! like, seriously? It felt like eternity and I was already half-dead. And I seriously needed something to eat. Looking at food quotes on the Internet makes me feel lots better. Scroll down to see some of them!

food is beautiful.jpg
^ so true ^
well, this is pretty much my whole life. is it yours?
Just imagine asking each other what we want to eat and then looking up burgers and fries online, tapping “save image food” and immediately having it appear in the photo album the fridge. Dream. Come. True.


ways to my heart.jpg

So that is a wrap (see what I did there) and I think I need to pay my refrigerator a visit soooo I’m signing off~

That Girl Over There


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