What to do on a Rainy Day

It is currently drizzling outside on this cold, misty, gray day. And now I can’t curl my hair because of the humidity. U_U Here’s my survival guide for rainy days – check it out!

  1.  Make hot chocolate for two – text your best friend and invite her to come over and enjoy it with you! and if she can’t come…well..that means more for you :O
  2. Organize your closet – and create some outfits while you’re at it!
  3. Sharpen all your colored pencils
  4. Vlog your day, then watch it when the day is over
  5. Buy some cute socks online (I suggest Forever21, they have some adorable socks that will make you smile!)
  6. Get fairy lights and string them across your bedroom to make it super tumblr
  7. Do you have an empty corner in your bedroom? Throw down some extra pillows and rugs, add a blanket or two, and snuggle down with your phone in your new cozy corner!
  8. Play the piano – I suggest learning “Time Travel Theme
  9. Listen to Yiruma playlists while wrapped in a fluffy blanket
  10. Dance in the rain with a brightly colored umbrella
  11. Watch blogilates “Abs in a Flash” and do it with her, then treat yourself to a smoothie afterwards
  12. Start a bullet journal
  13. Browse pictures of kittens on Instagram/Internet
  14. Go window shopping online XD remember, it’s only window shopping…
  15. Put on a face mask and get dewey skin
  16. Bake something and Instagram it!
  17. If Daiso is in your area… *runs into store and buys everything*

aaaaand that’s all for now. oh hey look, the sun just came out! ^-^


That Girl Over There


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