something that I was impressed to write.



tbh God isn’t done with you.

I can truthfully say that God has definitely put a lot of plot twists into my life –  in academics, friendships, etc. Most of the time, what I expect to happen doesn’t happen, and the thing I least expected to happen, happens. xD you will never know what happens tomorrow, so why stress about it? take it easy, there. just go step by step, and you’ll make it. *deep breath*

so maybe it isn’t okay now. maybe it won’t be okay tomorrow. or next week. or next month. or next year. but believe me when I say that you can make it through all storms and eventually everything will be alright, as long as you have God by your side. it’s not cliche, it’s a fact.

everything that happens in your life has a reason, even the little things. it’s all part of your story, your book that God has so carefully written for you. you are His masterpiece, and His love for you is way beyond anything you could imagine.

start each day with prayer, and end each day with prayer. He’ll always be there for you. <3


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