thank you so much to my Sunshine for nominating me for the Liebster Award! coincidentally, she awarded me on the 2 year anniversary of Thee Adventurette ;)


~ thank the blogger that nominated you.
~write 11 random facts about yourself.
~answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you.
~nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated.
~come up with 11 questions for the bloggers you’re nominating.

11 random facts :P

  1. I am obsessed with pineapples and potatoes. “potato” is my favorite word.
  2. I’m way more of a night-owl than a morning person
  3. sweets are not my thing (cupcakes, cookies, donuts); I prefer savory foods :3
  4. I have been keeping a journal ever since I was 9 (quite a few years ago haha)
  5. I love surfing but I’m terrible at it xD
  6. umm…my hair has grown to my waist. I really need to cut it.
  7. my hair has never been dyed, but it is a natural ombre x)
  8. I will literally eat pasta for days and not get tired of it – i.e. macaroni, that curly pasta, the straight pasta, the bowtie pasta, all the pasta u.u
  9. one of my biggest pet peeves is when the windows are closed – they must be open, otherwise I will frantically run around like a crazy person until they are all open ._.
  10. I love God <3

Questions I’m answering:

  1. What is your favorite color? definitely blue ;)
  2. Do you play an instrument? If so, what? I play piano, violin, and guitar, and they are bae <3
  3. What is your first memory as a child/little kid?
    one of them would probably be catching ladybugs with my mom when I was around 7 at a local park :3
  4. What is the last thing you ate? ice cream. vanilla ice cream. yes, be jealous.
  5. Why did you start blogging? 2 years ago, today :D
  6. What is your favorite fashion decade? uh…the 20th century? *cough* alot of fashion today is very immodest though, especially for the female species .-.
  7. If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be? George Washington..I’d tell him all about modern day politics haha
  8. What’s the most you’ve written in one day? probably at least 6 pages in my journal…
  9. What do you see yourself doing ten years from now?
    working in the medical field as a nurse…who knows, maybe I’ll even be a medical missionary :o
  10. Do you prefer pie or cake? sweets aren’t my favorite, but I’d probably choose pie because pumpkin pie and apple pie are <33
  11. Would you rather read a good book, or write? I’d read a good book. sometimes I’m too lazy to write haha

Questions I’m asking:

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  2. What’s one of your most favorite memories this year?
  3. What’s your comfort food?
  4. What’s your favorite season and why?
  5. Biggest pet peeve?
  6. Why did you start blogging?
  7. If you could tell anyone that you love them, who would it be?
  8. Beach or the mountains?
  9. Introvert or extrovert?
  10. What’s your favorite song?

Bloggers I nominate:

  1. theamigirl
  2. imaginealpha
  3. dextheindex
  4. Mr. Launch it off
  5. Sarah Sykora
  6. The Little Tree Hollow
  7. Doodlemum
  8. Storyshucker
  9. Katsuaki

Thanks for reading :) much love to all you bloggers out there! you guys are amazing. keep doing what you do. <3


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