Day 18: A Story


Moonlight glowed on the girl’s dark hair as she silently slipped from her bed and to the window. She struggled to unlatch the window, gasping a little from surprise when it suddenly swung outwards. Her bright blue eyes turned upwards, seeking the heavens. Astra smiled. There, hanging like lanterns  in the velvet darkness, were millions of twinkling stars.

“I’m coming,” she whispered as she gracefully climbed out of her 2nd story window. For the twentieth time this month, the young girl floated up past the houses and trees, hands outstretched. Her light pink nightgown fluttered around her in the chilly air as she rose higher. The night lights became captives to her slender fingers, each star clutched tightly in her palms. Some of them tangled in her long, wild hair, like beautiful jewels, as she danced across the sky. But after awhile, the girl became tired. She returned to her window, arms full of twinkles. Quickly, they were added to her collection under the bed.

For a moment, she lingered there on the floor. The glowing of a thousand stars reflected off her beautiful face. Then she shut the window, stepped into bed, and blissfully closed her eyes.

Astra: “star”



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