9.53 pm

it is a perfect day. a group of friends gather around one laughing girl whose eyes shine like the sun. her smile never stops. her feet dance endlessly. she walks like a fairy, in a whimsical dreamlike state. her name floats on everyone’s tongue, her deep blue eyes and smile are fresh in everyone’s mind.

but wait. let us look a little closer.

on her smiling face, faint tear stains glow. her hair is not tangled from skipping merrily in the breeze, it is tangled from a night’s worth of hopelessly tossing to and fro in the sheets. and her eyes. the most deceiving of them all. inside those pools of shimmering turquoise, they speak volumes. they are:




in pain

begging for help






struggling for breath —-

a breath

of sincerity.

a breath

of true friendship and not

meaningless jokes and chatter.

they speak feelings so eloquent and beautiful and genuine. but rarely does anyone take note of the sadness glimmering quietly behind the pretty blue eyes that they focus on.

because she’s smiling, isn’t she? and that’s all that matters.

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