10.03 pm


to the ones who are suffocating in their own sadness:

I know. I know the melancholy in your chest makes it hard to breathe. I know the night swallows you up in its darkness like a beast. I know the hollowness feels so heavy, but someday, flowers will fill that void and you will radiate happiness.

You will forget what it’s like to say “I’m okay” and smile up at the sun, begging it to evaporate the tear stains on your freckled cheeks.

Please learn to gently dust off the door to your heart. Please give that key to someone. I know, I know, I know you remember what they did last time you handed it over.

But you are not defined by your past, by your pain, or what has broken you. You are defined by what you believe and how you rise from your ashes. rise with me.

(compilation from thought catalog and astrology quotes)



I’m back, but I don’t know if it’s permanent. I’m still working on me…….it’s a work in progress. thank you for reading :)





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