5.03 pm



one of the worst feelings in the world is missing people. there’s nothing you can do about it – especially here. all you can do is let your heart ache as the sun rises again – yet another day to face without them by your side. it’s strange how tightly hearts can intertwine, and how suddenly it happens. all of a sudden, you feel as if you could not spend a single moment without them – they’re a part of you. now that I’m here, I feel the missing parts of me even more. they’re gone. they have been removed from my life; from me, and all I can do is miss them. some days, the holes in my chest threaten to suffocate me. the whole sky seems to be dark when it is filled with sunshine.

some days, or actually, most days, all I want is for them to be next to me. then everything would be all right. but the sun keeps rising, the earth keeps turning, and the moon always glows at night. I’ve come to realize that maybe, I’m always going to miss people. I’m always going to have missing parts of me. and I think, maybe, I will learn to live with that.

– i’ll always miss you/5.03 pm/10.14.17


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