Day 6: 6 Current Goals

  1. That others would see Him in me.
  2. Start journaling more
  3. Be a blessing to those around me.
  4. Run at least 3 times every week and enter a 10k. Who knows, maybe I’ll run a marathon someday?
  5. Study harder and graduate.
  6. Reach out to you guys more :)



Time Traveling

I look at the date and it is December 31st, the last day of 2015. This year has gone by so fast; I feel that I have jumped into a time travel machine and have somehow been transported from January 1st to December 31st in one ZAP!

I cannot wait to take on 2016.

I am eager for 2016’s adventures and I am ready to achieve its goals.

I will refuse to give up. Life cannot make me, because I have Him on my side.

I will press on to the very top until victory greets me. I will refuse to be daunted by challenges.

And above all, I will find delight in the little things. Like these beautiful flowers.

2016, you better watch out.

Yours truly,
That Girl Over There

Goodbye November!

Well, here we are. The last day of November! I cannot believe that 2016 looms up ahead, sooner than I have expected! (I didn’t expect my biology class to start up so soon either. poo.)
Here are some artsy pictures we captured on a recent hike~

The 990 feet long bridge we walk across to get to the trails. I managed not to get run over by any bikers.

windswept hair. grand mountain. perfect day.

// jumping on the bridge // no, it didn’t break. I’m not that heavy.


20151130-094434.jpg God’s handiwork is pretty awesome. 

Have a great Monday!

That Girl Over There

Photo credits: my little sister, photographer in training

Day 1: Seattle, WA

Finally! I get a vacation from the ritual of life. I mean, I like working and studying, but everyone needs a break once in a while, right? ;)
Last night we arrived in Seattle, which I have never had the privilege of traveling to before. (Shout out to my followers and readers in Washington!) As morning dawned the next day, I was amazed at how many trees there are! “The Evergreen State” is the perfect name for Washington.

The sunrise

Back where my family lives, we only get scattered, thin trees here and there. But then we come to Washington and we’re all like, “WHOA look at the trees!!!” 😱 Just to give you an idea of my tree obsession, I spent most of the day gawking at the mini forests fringing the busy roads. Yes, I am your classic tourist. You know, the kind that stares all around with wide eyes, is always taking pictures, and has no idea where she is if it wasn’t for the GPS. 😉
Before we began the main part of our trip, we decided to spend the day exploring the city. First, we drove to Lake Washington, which was absolutely beautiful. There, people swam in the cool water and picnicked nearby. Near the area was the city of Medina, which was full of huge luxurious houses. But the best part of the day was a hiking trail that we discovered in a more rural setting. Jumping out of the car, I tipped my head back to gaze at a thick stand of towering, majestic evergreen trees. 

The forest floor crunched underneath my feet as I wandered in. There was…such a quiet tranquility that one can’t find just anywhere. The thick clusters of trees, the rustic dirt path that faded into the foliage, the late afternoon sunlight filtering softly through the leaves and bathing the delicate lichens clinging to tree stumps in a pool of ambient light…you could sit there forever and breathe in the crisp air.

Hmm…it would be fun to live here yeah?
I’m looking forward to seeing more of the beautiful Northwest!

That Girl Over There~

The Voice

It was a gloomy, drab afternoon — the kind that’s just depressing. A veil of darkness slowly began to shroud the thick forest of spiraling trees as a young girl with wispy, long hair wandered on a forlorn path. Her skirt was dusty; her jacket rumpled. She was all alone, unsure of where she was heading.

That girl was me.

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