The Eyes of Music

He was just a young boy – he didn’t deserve to go through so much at such a tender age. Anyone could look into his deep brown eyes and sense the sadness reflected there. When his parents divorced, the young boy’s heart was shattered. His grades suffered in school, and he saw no point to learning. He developed an attitude…and this continued until his mother realized that her son needed help. And that’s when the boy fell into the world of music.

He never imagined that a piece of delicately carved wood could interest him, but that’s what he started doing – he was given a cello and a bow, and he started practicing. He had fallen deeply in love with music – a love that would never fade. It was a way to express his pent-up feelings as never before. As the boy grew more skillful, his life began to change. His grades began rising again as he developed a more hopeful outlook on life.

The boy began joining various orchestras and community music organizations, all the while studiously learning in school – even taking honors classes. His repertoire expanded as his talent grew. When he played, it was as if he was one with the cello, and the cello with him. Several years later, he is in the teenage years, and the talented boy continues on in his musical journey. Now, he has hopes. Dreams. Hopes of becoming a professional future – dreams of getting into colleges and academies that would help him on his musical career.

If you look into his eyes today, they aren’t the same eyes as they were several years ago. Sure, there are still traces of sorrowfulness from his childhood – but now…there is light. There is love – for music, and for life.

And a young, ordinary girl in this cellist’s orchestra saw all this. She saw the changed life of the young cellist – how much he had to go through to get to where he was today. It inspired her, and she decided to write this post to remind the world that anything is possible if you work hard for it.





Time Traveling

I look at the date and it is December 31st, the last day of 2015. This year has gone by so fast; I feel that I have jumped into a time travel machine and have somehow been transported from January 1st to December 31st in one ZAP!

I cannot wait to take on 2016.

I am eager for 2016’s adventures and I am ready to achieve its goals.

I will refuse to give up. Life cannot make me, because I have Him on my side.

I will press on to the very top until victory greets me. I will refuse to be daunted by challenges.

And above all, I will find delight in the little things. Like these beautiful flowers.

2016, you better watch out.

Yours truly,
That Girl Over There

Nutcracker Ballet

As I write this post, my PDA is reminding me that it’s low battery (20%) so this will be a short post! I’m riding home after just watching a lovely nutcracker ballet by the wonderful dancers from Moscow! Watching them move gracefully on the stage brings back so many memories! When I was younger, I spent many years at the bar in my ballet studio, performing tendù and jéte and réleve (idk did I even spell those right?!). I had amazing Russian teachers that pushed us hard to do our best. And then I quit….but that’s another story. For now, enjoy some pictures I got of the symphony hall! We weren’t allowed to record the actual performance, lo siento.

the symphony hall was Baroque style designed, so it has many fancy and intricate scrolls and…you know, that type of thing.
view from the balcony


sorry about the lighting! It wasn’t good for pictures:( anywho, it was a great night out!
well, my PDA is complaining so I’m signing off now~

That Girl Over There

Music Schedules and Prayer?

Music, music, and more music. That’s truly what makes up 70% of my life. Here’s this week’s music schedule:

Monday ~ ensemble class.
Tuesday ~ private piano and violin class (classical training)
Wednesday ~ private piano class (creative music training + improvisation techniques) & sister’s flute class
Every day ~ practice, practice, and practice!

Literally. Can I just crawl into a hole and hide?!

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Sounds Like…


When you make music, it reflects your current emotional state. That includes everything from anger to loneliness to happiness to joy.
It’s a beautiful way to express yourself~
If one has a well trained ear, she can tell what a person’s personality is like just by listening to that person play.

What kind of feelings are reflected from your music? If I were to listen, what would your playing say about you?

Yours truly,
That Girl Over There~