Start of the Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving all! 🍃🍁🍂 I’m sure you all are looking forward to a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner/lunch, just like me! Don’t worry, I won’t eat too much little! *smirk* Anyways, have a great thanksgiving, don’t forget to be grateful for all God’s blessings, and *cue whisper voice* remember to work those calories off walking around at the mall tomorrow! Love you all!

That Girl Over There

Thanksgiving is here, Mashed potatoes and biscuits and more yummy goodies.
And now we can eat.
{Munch munch}

P.S. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Make me hungry in the comments below!

The End of Another One

It’s the end of another school year. Grad day can be exceedingly bittersweet- you have the joy and celebration of graduating, but at the same time, you feel the sorrow of putting all those 2014-2015 memories away for the approaching summer.

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