The Broad Museum


She lingered for a moment, carefully studying the piece of artwork. Out of all the paintings, sculptures, and statues in the huge museum – this one caught and kept her eye. Swirls of pastel colors were “artfully” splattered onto the blank canvas. It seemed as though its creator had accidentally spilled a bunch of paint on his canvas. She was mesmerized. All of a sudden, the girl’s brown eyes widened as she leaned closer for a better look. Was that a message she saw, scrawled faintly in the light pink paint? Curiously, she inched even closer as the words became bolder.

If you are reading this, go to the Eagle on the third floor and ask him to give you the key to-

Suddenly, a loud, shrill voice broke into her trance and the message immediately vanished.


*cough* To be honest, I got scolded at least three times for being too close to the artwork or /unintentionally/ touching it >_< If you’ve had that happen to you tell me in the comments so I don’t feel so alone ahahaha
Hope you enjoyed this freewrite!

If you are ever in LA, make sure to visit the Broad Museum so you can see this painting in person :D and yes, that is me in the picture. Deal with it.

That Girl Over There



Allo, this is Conrad. How are you? I am feeling very undignified at the moment. You’ll never guess what That Girl Over There and her sister did to me.

feeling too undignified for the camera

They were wondering what to do with the box of chalk they bought when they happened to see me, sitting docilely, as an “inspiration”.

Their undignified mess.

That Girl Over There picked up some pink chalk powder and gleefully rubbed it onto my forehead. My eyes opened wide in surprise as her sister picked up some blue chalk powder and sprinkled it onto my fur.

Do you see that horrible pink smudge on my forehead?!

Giggling, they patted more and more chalk power onto my face until I looked like a baby unicorn. Now that was even worse. Look:

Apparently, That Girl Over There wanted to make a unicorn horn for me but it ended up being somewhat like a party hat. *shrug*

I could barely stand it but I continued to sit there peacefully like my real owner would have liked me to. I tried to focus on the beautiful sunshine and butterflies, while ignoring the girl talk around me.

Um, hello? Flowers in my collar? I think this is going to far.

Finally, when I thought I was going to have to chew the leash in half in order to get away from those terrible girls, they pronounced me “done.”

“You look beautiful, Conrad!” That girl over there crooned.

“Yup,” her sister agreed. “You’re a girly boy dog.”

My closeup. No, fortunately they did not give me a haircut with the scissors.

More later, when I feel more like my old self.


P.S. This is TGOT. Conrad totally exaggerated! He’s fine. He was not harmed in any way :)) Except, maybe his pride…