Tuesday is Monday

Well it felt like a Monday all over again today. First off, my two goldfish, Jujube and Galaxy were not feeling well and I am worried sick about them. I did all I could to help them but idkif they’re going to make it. I hate seeing animals/people die; I’ve seen too much of it. Then, I almost collapsed in tears in violin class because my teacher was pressuring me to get every pitch perfect in my Largo by Vivaldi and also because I was still worried about my fishies. Then, of course, there are the sibling disputes and the homework…..
So yea. Just had some ranting time. Please pray for me.

That Girl Over There



What I have accomplished today:

Finished all my homework
Practiced an hour of violin
Practiced piano
Accidentally bumped into the wall
Stubbed my toe on the corner of the treadmill
Fell down a pile of dirt I was standing on
Screamed my highest at a wicked little daddy longlegs spider
Rode my bike for the first time in, like, 7 months
Planted kale and basil seeds:)
Spilled the package of kale seeds and had to pick them all up:(
Had my little sister take 40 photos of me posing with my guitar
Wrote a rhyming poem (under forced circumstances)
Slurped a whole coconut down…ungracefully.



I accomplished a lot, didn’t I?

Yours truly,
That Clumsy Girl Over There