Real Beauty

Hello lovelies! It’s a beautiful day today where I live and I hope it’s equally beautiful where you are! So, I was out visiting a friend on a Saturday afternoon and spied some gorgeous, pink flowers.
Of course you know what came next….
I enlisted my friends’ help to photograph the blooms, and the lighting was perfect! The clouds in the sky helped create a soft glow that illuminated these beauties. I literally took so many pictures in my excited bliss. I don’t know the name of these buds o_o but if any of you recognize them comment below!

Live the life you think you deserve.

~Imperfection is beautiful~

God makes no mistakes – you are amazing just the way you are :)


That Girl Over There


Day 3: Butchart Gardens

August 24, 2015

Today we visited the ultra-famous Butchart Gardens! To get there, we parked the car on a one hour and a half long ferry ride that carried us between islands to get to the island of Victoria. Then, we drove to Butchart Gardens! It is….just simply a must see. 20150825-075219.jpg
The common square

Flowers flaunted theirselves all around us in the prettiest color combinations of red, white, purple, yellow, turquoise, and more! We strolled through the calming Japanese Garden, the bright and colorful Italian Garden, the graceful Rose Garden, and finally the Sunken Garden (my favorite)! I walked through a beautiful forest of towering, sky high trees, turned the corner, and came to a breathtaking view of the garden.
Absolutely breathtaking.
The Sunken Garden was originally formed out of an abandoned limestone quarry. Mrs. Butchart began planting flower beds and trees in the early 1900s, and today it is a gorgeous blend of plants, all perfectly balanced. If you go there, you will see a vine-covered mound rising up in the middle of the garden. That was a lower quality of limestone that was never quarried. But today, it is a defining mark of the Sunken Garden, as are two trees of life that flourish on both sides of the limestone mound.

Prettiest garden yet! See the rising vines above the front part of the garden?

It was a beautiful day, with equal amounts of sun and cloud. But eventually, my sister and I…ahem…felt in need of refreshments. In the Italian Garden, was, appropriately, a gelato store. So…long story short, both of us got two double scoop ice cream cones x) They were delicious, by the way.
All in all, it was such a pleasant trip and I loved it!

That Girl Over There~