Allo, this is Conrad. How are you? I am feeling very undignified at the moment. You’ll never guess what That Girl Over There and her sister did to me.

feeling too undignified for the camera

They were wondering what to do with the box of chalk they bought when they happened to see me, sitting docilely, as an “inspiration”.

Their undignified mess.

That Girl Over There picked up some pink chalk powder and gleefully rubbed it onto my forehead. My eyes opened wide in surprise as her sister picked up some blue chalk powder and sprinkled it onto my fur.

Do you see that horrible pink smudge on my forehead?!

Giggling, they patted more and more chalk power onto my face until I looked like a baby unicorn. Now that was even worse. Look:

Apparently, That Girl Over There wanted to make a unicorn horn for me but it ended up being somewhat like a party hat. *shrug*

I could barely stand it but I continued to sit there peacefully like my real owner would have liked me to. I tried to focus on the beautiful sunshine and butterflies, while ignoring the girl talk around me.

Um, hello? Flowers in my collar? I think this is going to far.

Finally, when I thought I was going to have to chew the leash in half in order to get away from those terrible girls, they pronounced me “done.”

“You look beautiful, Conrad!” That girl over there crooned.

“Yup,” her sister agreed. “You’re a girly boy dog.”

My closeup. No, fortunately they did not give me a haircut with the scissors.

More later, when I feel more like my old self.


P.S. This is TGOT. Conrad totally exaggerated! He’s fine. He was not harmed in any way :)) Except, maybe his pride…



What I have accomplished today:

Finished all my homework
Practiced an hour of violin
Practiced piano
Accidentally bumped into the wall
Stubbed my toe on the corner of the treadmill
Fell down a pile of dirt I was standing on
Screamed my highest at a wicked little daddy longlegs spider
Rode my bike for the first time in, like, 7 months
Planted kale and basil seeds:)
Spilled the package of kale seeds and had to pick them all up:(
Had my little sister take 40 photos of me posing with my guitar
Wrote a rhyming poem (under forced circumstances)
Slurped a whole coconut down…ungracefully.



I accomplished a lot, didn’t I?

Yours truly,
That Clumsy Girl Over There

Day 2: BC Border

August 23, 2015

We spent most of the day driving from Seattle to the Canada border. Along the way, we traveled through the towns of Mount Vernon, Burlington, and Bellingham. Finally, we reached the border at noon! Here’s a picture of crossing the border:

 After checking into our hotel in Vancouver, all four of us relaxed from the exhausting car trip. At about seven in the evening, we found ourselves at the annual Richmond night market! Throwback to my Taiwan trip! The line was unbelievably long, and we waited for about thirty to forty minutes before we finally gained admittance. But it was worth it! First, I, starving girl that I was, found the ramen stand and ordered a delicious bowl of the Japanese noodles. 🍜 Yum. I was really pleased with both the food’s flavor and presentation. And that was just the beginning! We ate gluten BBQ skewers, deep fried, crispy mushrooms, deep fried tofu with tangy hot sauce, and fried Chinese noodles. For dessert, I decided to get a traditional winter-melon tea, like the one I had in Taiwan. Sadly, my expectations were crushed. The drink was way too sweet and it wasn’t cold enough. Good thing there was a backup: a mango shaved ice with ice cream in top! Besides the winter melon incident, it was a great dinner! 😉

And for all you avid shoppers, there is a variety of booths offering everything from the most adorable socks to clothes to stationery! It was definitely worth the wait and the money.
Had a great day!

That Girl Over There~

Pigeons and Warm Weather

Today was a beautiful day in Taichung. The sun was shining, there were cotton candy clouds, and the breeze was warm but not too warm. Of course, I had to get out of my grandparents’ house and into the sunshine! I called my sister and we galloped eagerly down the dank stairway into a local park.

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Test of Two Beloved Monsters

“Do you like my back massage?”
“Look at my mask!”
“I need help!”
“Do you want your backpack?”
“Guess what I did in the airplane!”

We were driving around in Taiwan. It was a gloomy, rainy day – and it became even more gloomy when two young boys belonging to our friends jumped into our van. They were…….indescribable!

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Yummy in Your Tummy for Winter

berry cupcake
           berry cupcake


    Mmmmmm.. don’t these pictures make you feel hungry? I love sweet things, from pies to brownies, but I especially enjoy the desserts that are VEGAN. And guess what? The scrumptious-looking cupcake above is vegan! Now, you should be drooling and begging me to tell you where I got this.

Well, I have to say first that I didn’t buy it. Nope, can’t find that particular cupcake in a store! We have an amazing friend/baker who specializes in sweets. Usually, she makes them just for us and some other close friends. But, lucky you! She has an online bakery where she sells her beautiful and yummy products. She bakes goodies that will make you want more! Tell me in the comments below if you want the website link. I promise you, you’ll love our baker/friend’s desserts! (at least we do!)