9.22 pm

“Miss? Are you alright?”

I snapped to attention, quickly glancing around the tiny coffee shop – the only coffee shop, in fact, that existed in my tiny town. I’d been drowsy, lured to sleep by the golden smiles of sunshine glimmering through the antique windowpanes. “Sorry,” I blurted, looking up – and stopping.

she looked at me over her tinted, jeweled sunglasses with eyes so blue I thought I might drown in them. reaching out a velvet gloved hand, the flawless woman touched my arm. “Are you alright, darling?” her voice had a touch of an accent as she repeated the question.

normally, I would’ve been creeped out. I mean, this woman looked like someone from…well anywhere but here. 2 seconds were all I needed to sum her up. fancy purse, perfect makeup, jewels across her throat – she’d fit in a lot better posing next to the Hollywood sign than standing over the cracked and scratched coffee table that wobbled when you leaned on it.

“Um…yes, I am.” I stirred my macchiato as the lie tumbled out. without a second of hesitation, the movie star worthy woman pulled out the chair opposite me and sat down with perfect grace.

“Tell me all about it,” she declared.

“Excuse me?”

“You know, as well as I do, that your heart is weary.” the stranger sipped her drink that had seemingly come out of nowhere. figures.

I, on any other day, would’ve run out of the shop a longgg time ago. but there was something about her that compelled me to stay. so I did.

“I can’t let go of him.” the words escaped my mouth as easily as a breath of air. “Even after everything that’s happened…I can’t.”

she looked at me over her sunglasses, legs crossed like she was at a photo shoot. a whiff of Chanel perfume washed over me as she leaned across the ancient table.

“Darling,” she whispered, “not everyone you lose is a loss.”


and then I woke up.



Nutcracker Ballet

As I write this post, my PDA is reminding me that it’s low battery (20%) so this will be a short post! I’m riding home after just watching a lovely nutcracker ballet by the wonderful dancers from Moscow! Watching them move gracefully on the stage brings back so many memories! When I was younger, I spent many years at the bar in my ballet studio, performing tendù and jéte and réleve (idk did I even spell those right?!). I had amazing Russian teachers that pushed us hard to do our best. And then I quit….but that’s another story. For now, enjoy some pictures I got of the symphony hall! We weren’t allowed to record the actual performance, lo siento.

the symphony hall was Baroque style designed, so it has many fancy and intricate scrolls and…you know, that type of thing.
view from the balcony


sorry about the lighting! It wasn’t good for pictures:( anywho, it was a great night out!
well, my PDA is complaining so I’m signing off now~

That Girl Over There