Taiwan Throwback!

Well well well it has been almost a week since I’ve posted anything! Yes, I’m still alive. ✨✨
Today I just feel like going back to my second home in Taiwan, so prepare for the blast of photos! {p.s. you’re mostly going to see pictures of food…so…}

This is part of the busy market in Taichung (台中), where I bought exotic fruits, fresh Asian vegetables, and sometimes treats like a steaming, golden sweet yam~

A display of some lovely looking cherimoyas!

I literally can’t get over these red bean cakes…*wistful sigh* They’re hot, sweet, and absolutely delicious!

We paid a visit to the impressive Chiang Kai Shek memorial. He was the one that got Taiwan rolling after he fled from China!


My dream store – perfect for a kawaiian. Yes, kawaiian is a real word. No, it isn’t in the dictionary yet…but I’m working on it;)

And that’s all for now! If you ever want to go to Taiwan with me…let me know and let’s go together :)

That Girl Over There

Random Beauties

No filter! Only a slight adjustment of the brightness in my camera:))

After the rain, everything (and everyone!) is wearing water jewels ✨✨

Failed at trying to get a close up of this dew covered leaf~ oh well

Making Korean sushi with my squad. Hey, food is beautiful too right? I see avocado, bell peppers, fried tofu, pickled radish, sliced cucumbers and egg….mmm mmm mmm

And a birthday cake that is history by now. Sharing is caring out of the question!!!

That Girl Over There~

Take Me Back.


Take me back in time…

Before Smartboards, to when there were only chalkboards.
Before smartphones and iOS 9, to when the telephone was just invented.
Before MacBook Pros, to when there were only typewriters.

We’ve come a long way.