a reminder that you have to appreciate your family.

i know you might laugh at your parents because they take 20 minutes to send one short text. maybe they don’t know how to change the brightness on their phones. maybe they say things that embarrass you in front of your friends. but love them anyways. they are the ones who have raised you through all your weird phases, encouraged you to go to school, and loved you. sometimes you may think that they are overprotective and boring, but they were once young and reckless like you. 10,15, 20 years down the road you will see the sparkle in their eyes start to fade, and their skin will no longer be as fresh. love them anyways. do little things for them without them asking you to – laundry, cleaning, cooking (as long as you don’t burn down the house). surprise them with gifts, and tell them you love them. tomorrow is not a given.

siblings. they are the worst but the best at the same time – lemons and sugar wrapped up in one package to make lemonade. do not forget that they are human beings just like you – treat them well, especially in front of your friends. do not exclude them from any parties or social gatherings, because when your friends leave you, they’re all you have left. years later, you will realize the cold, formal distance between the ones who should be tied to you with chords of love.

some of you may not have siblings or parents – but you have people who have been your family through thick and thin. treasure them.

we only have this life, and we should make the most of it so that we are a light and a blessing to all who come into our circle.




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Born with it. (Part 1)

I was born with it. Simple.

I was born with the gift. The gift – the kind that the universe grants to one only once in many lifetimes.

everyone in society is taught and educated about how they have a soulmate – one who is the cause of their laughter, the antidote for their sadness, the love of their life. but that theory has never been completely proven.

until now.

if you could gaze through my eyes, you would see that I can perceive tiny, delicate threads connecting two people together. no one else can see those lines. just me.

I call them “strands of fate.” they can never be broken – they are made of a substance that this world has not discovered yet.

these strands are different colors depending on the two people – sometimes they are the color of the sea in a fierce storm, or the color of the honey colored light that filters through my window at precisely 4:12 pm on a Wednesday evening.

I still do not know the reason why they are different colors, but I hope to know someday from Them. For now, I live quietly with my gift – I have been instructed not to tell anyone, not even my own family. I know that They mean well, so I will follow Their command.

So I do not tell my best friend that the soft eyed, brown haired boy she is in love with is bound by those strands to another girl.

I do not tell the barista at the coffee shop that there is a soft blue thread tying her to the shy, awkward boy that comes in every so often just to see her smile.

I do not tell my parents that they are connected to each other by a silver thread that can never be broken – a clear sign that the plans of the universe had worked out. I love seeing their thread sparkle in the light – it gives me hope that maybe someday, I will find the person at the other end of my thread.

Every night, before I fall asleep, I hold my glistening strand carefully in the palm of my hands. It is of a color that I have never seen before – there are no words to describe it. if you care, it is like the passion of two lovers, the beauty of a rose, the calmness of a lilac sunset all combined together.

and every night I whisper:

“someday…I will find you.”



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Not That Simple

hey guys! sorry I haven’t posted for a whole month ahh – life has gotten way too busy! so, to reward you guys for being patient, here’s a little story for valentine’s day :)


she loved him, and he loved her…but it wasn’t that simple. nothing ever was. and nothing ever will be.

she was the sun — an endless ball of fire, energy, and passion, blazing into infinity. a bit on the wild side.

and he was the sky, calm, steady, and reassuring. ever present. holding her up. accepting her flaws.

it seemed like they had been with each other since the beginning of time – no one really remembered when they met. but they were quite the dynamic duo, fearlessly pacing through each day and night – she was always in the lead; he was always at her side.

“opposites attract,” everyone said knowingly of the pair.

“peanut butter and jelly.”

“fire and ice.”

“sunshine and rain.”

“peanuts and popcorn.”

“we’re just friends,” they responded, laughing. but everyone knew they existed only for each other.

they thought they would be together forever…but it wasn’t that simple. you see, life has a tendency to pull apart the most committed and dedicated of lovers.

— eventually, the sky became too distant from the sun, who in turn, became too fiery and unmanageable without him to keep her in check. no one could handle her; no one could reach him.

so they faded from existence, each completely lost without the other. the universe cracked at the seams, and their story was gradually forgotten.

never to be relived, and never to be told again.




Day 17: 7 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Nostalgic

  1. Take a walk in nature.
  2. Watch the sunset – there’s something captivating about watching a fiery golden ball throw purple, pink, and orange hues across the indigo skies.
  3. Look at old photographs – this is one of my absolute favorites and always transports me back in time.Image result for tumblr pic of polaroids
  4.  Read an old entry in a journal or a diary.Image result for tumblr pic of old journals
  5.  Go on a long drive with that nostalgic playlist going.
  6. Read a book in a quiet, little cozy corner of your house that’s preferably naturally lit. Image result for tumblr pic of little cozy corner
  7. Take a warm shower.

I hope you’ll find these tips useful :D


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Day 10: My Favorite Quote(s)


be fearless.jpg

“you can make or break the chains that hold you.”

“Bless this mess.”

“be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

“and though she be but little, she is fierce.” – Shakespeare

“think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy” – Anne Frank

“The more you care, the more you have to lose.” – HP

“and I think I’m gonna love you for a long long time” – my heart

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

“Lord, have mercy.”

“Lord, have mercy.”

All around her, the teen heard the horrifying sounds of death and misery. There was nothing she could do about it. 

Helpless, Rhea herself lay prostrate on the gritty dirt in front of her tent, gasping for air. Her long, shimmering hair lay tangled around her tanned face, which was wrenched with anguish. Her woven shawl had fallen away from her slim shoulders that trembled from the venom rapidly coursing through her body.

A slim, iridescent snake slithered past her glazed brown eyes, triggering the fading memory of being painfully bitten by a mad serpent that morning in bed. With great effort, the girl cried out in desperation.

“Lord, have mercy!”

The poison had completely circulated through her body, causing excruciating agony. If only they had listened to Moses and hadn’t complained, then the Israelites wouldn’t be in such misery now. Tears drew paths down her dusty face as she remembered the lifeless forms of her parents and siblings just a few hours before.

Gritting her teeth, Rhea felt a shudder go through her whole weakened body. She knew she didn’t have much time left…

Suddenly, crunching footsteps came to a stop in front of the slowly dying girl.

“My dear, if you wish to be healed, then all you have to do is cast your eyes upon the serpent on the brazen pole.” She faintly heard Moses’ melodious and deep voice vibrating in the air.

His footsteps crunched away…leaving her to think. Of course she wanted to be healed, but how would looking at a brass statue of a snake help her? It seemed like a cruel joke.

But then again, what did she have to lose?

So, with the very last of her energy, Rhea lifted her eyes up to the shining pole.
Based on Numbers 21:5-9  

Enthralled by His Glory

He knew my needs and uplifted my spirits by sending me a beautiful reminder of His constant love. He also knew what reminder I like best: an incomparable West Coast sunset.

Imagine what the sky will look like when He comes for me and you!


That Girl Over There

 What do You Call Home?

By Oceanwave12

Teacher: Mrs. Gregorich

    Without homes, love, and joy, homelessness is a serious and sad problem that we see every day. In my heart, I believe that it is our duty to help these people. Have you ever had to worry about where your next meal would be coming from or a place to sleep? We have plenty of resources, why don’t we share them with the homeless? It’s time to bring light and hope into their lives. In this post, I will be covering the topic of homelessness.

Last year, the rate for homelessness was 3.5 million per year. (a) That’s 842,000 per day. Imagine. All across our nation, person after person being dumped out on the streets to live a life of despair. In the statistics below, you can see that California especially had a large number of individuals lacking homes.

                                            Stats for homeless people in 2013

In Los Angeles alone, there were 57,737 without a home. (b) Why are there so many destitute people? The first reason is housing. In the beginning, many people have a home: but they are too poor to afford it. They must also decide whether to spend their money on food and other needs, or give up a large portion to housing. In the end, they usually abandon their homes to save money for education and childcare, which they value more.  Stuck in a mud puddle of poverty, the homeless, wandering on the streets, also contract health problems such as infections, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Having not enough money to go to the doctor’s office, they usually suffer terribly – from the lack of medicine and sufficient supplies. They are without warm clothing, food, and hope.

In a cold snowstorm in January of 2014, a shivering person huddles against the wall in search of shelter.

I can never walk by a homeless person without a piece of my heart being ripped away. My mind thinks, “What if I were the one who was begging on the sidewalk, tattered clothes flapping in the chilly wind? How would I survive?” And yet we, personally, are not taking action!!!

Some say, “Sure, that’s a great idea and all, you know, to help the homeless, but…It costs money!!!! Those people aren’t worth it. They’ll probably go back to their old ways anyway. It’s no use.”

In answer to that, well, you don’t have to give all of your money to those people on the streets. Everywhere around you, there are programs especially for lessening the sting of homelessness. Volunteers of America ( is a widespread organization, and another program is the Homeless Assistance Program (MHALA), run by the government. Do the homeless a favor and bring them to these shelters. Additionally, yourselves, you could lend a hand, ride, or dollar to these struggling survivors. And if you think they will return to their miserable life, listen to this: Most homeless act immoral only because they are hopeless and have no other choice. However, if a spark of aspiration touches their hearts, it is most likely that they will change. They don’t want to behave in such unworthy ways. In their mind, I’m sure that they want to change, but have no one to encourage and guide them.

In conclusion, think about it. Where would you rather sleep: a hard bench, or your bed, complete with thick sheets, cushiony pillows, and gel memory foam? What would you rather eat: hot, home cooked food or stale bread from a garbage can? I have no doubt that you would choose the best out of these options. And so would homeless people, if they could. They are just like us, normal people. However, they are caught in the net of poverty, loneliness, and despair. About to give up. But if we untangle the nets with love…they would be free to live in the sea of life. Help the homeless!


Teacher: Mrs. Gregorich

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(a) Wikipedia: Homelessness.

(b) – Why are people homeless?

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(d) Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

My Dad’s Perseverance 😄

Recently, my father got the idea of building some swings for my sister and I. To all of us, this seemed like a great idea, but neither of us knew the challenging task that lay ahead. On his first attempt, Dad attached ropes to some boards and hung them from the oak branches.

Hmm. Very crude, Dad.

However, we excitedly jumped on. My sister, Carissa, enthusiastically began to swing her leg over the board — and promptly tumbled to the leafy ground!!! The rope had unknotted and now lay, useless. We shot dejected looks at our sheepishly grinning father. Disappointed, me and my sister retreated to the house while Dad busied himself trying to fix it. The next day, he gave up. However, he resolved to make a better – AWESOME – swing!!! Carissa and I watched uncertainly as he drove away to Home Depot.

Dad returned toting a long, wooden board. In addition, he had sturdy ropes and metal finishing touches with him.

He set to work.

Sawing, measuring, climbing up on ladders which tilted precariously. Tying knots carefully. Getting up early to work on them. Untiringly, he labored each morning to make his creation perfect. With love, Dad gave his time and effort to produce two beautiful swings, hanging from our shady oak tree. Today, they make a beautiful picture — two swings, side by side — and two young girls, screaming with delight as their daddy pushes them.

Thank you, Daddy.