Day 15: A Bucket List

  1. Meet my online best friend <3
  2. Image result for blonde and brunetteLearn how to read and write Chinese
  3. Get a corgi puppy and name it Kimbap or Flynn u.u dog_02.jpg
  4. Travel to Japan or Korea for the summer
  5. Learn ukulele again
  6. Image result for ukulele tumblrGo hiking in Hawaii
  7. Image result for pic of hiking in hawaiiBe able to witness to people on a mission trip.
  8. Enjoy one relaxing day with no stress ._.





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The Eyes of Music

He was just a young boy – he didn’t deserve to go through so much at such a tender age. Anyone could look into his deep brown eyes and sense the sadness reflected there. When his parents divorced, the young boy’s heart was shattered. His grades suffered in school, and he saw no point to learning. He developed an attitude…and this continued until his mother realized that her son needed help. And that’s when the boy fell into the world of music.

He never imagined that a piece of delicately carved wood could interest him, but that’s what he started doing – he was given a cello and a bow, and he started practicing. He had fallen deeply in love with music – a love that would never fade. It was a way to express his pent-up feelings as never before. As the boy grew more skillful, his life began to change. His grades began rising again as he developed a more hopeful outlook on life.

The boy began joining various orchestras and community music organizations, all the while studiously learning in school – even taking honors classes. His repertoire expanded as his talent grew. When he played, it was as if he was one with the cello, and the cello with him. Several years later, he is in the teenage years, and the talented boy continues on in his musical journey. Now, he has hopes. Dreams. Hopes of becoming a professional future – dreams of getting into colleges and academies that would help him on his musical career.

If you look into his eyes today, they aren’t the same eyes as they were several years ago. Sure, there are still traces of sorrowfulness from his childhood – but now…there is light. There is love – for music, and for life.

And a young, ordinary girl in this cellist’s orchestra saw all this. She saw the changed life of the young cellist – how much he had to go through to get to where he was today. It inspired her, and she decided to write this post to remind the world that anything is possible if you work hard for it.




The Old Choir Room


It’s just a room. In fact, it’s a choir room, tucked away in the farthest corner of the old church at the intersection. In this room are empty black chairs, arranged in a semi circle, with empty black music stands in front of them. The air is usually heavy with dusty silence.

It’s just an old choir room. It has been almost completely forgotten, if it were not for what happens once every week.

Once a week, the old choir room comes alive. 15 young people, none alike, fill this room each week. They bring with them black cases of all sorts of sizes: big, small, medium. In those black cases lies power, the power that revives the old choir room and brings it to life again.

Every week, the empty black chairs are filled with young people.

The music stands are crowded with sheet music.

And best of all, the air is no longer silent for the next one and a half hours.

Instead, it is filled with the sounds of string instruments, of the sounds of young people playing their heart out. Each of them is so different and unique, but they all share a common bond: their passionate love for music. Why they chose such a dusty, forgotten choir room to practice in is an intriguing question, perhaps one that we will never know the answer to. They could easily have chosen some other room – one that is more convenient to practice in and isn’t so old. But all we know is that, once a week, the old choir room comes alive with MUSIC.

And the legend of the old choir room lives on.


That Girl Over There


Tuesday is Monday

Well it felt like a Monday all over again today. First off, my two goldfish, Jujube and Galaxy were not feeling well and I am worried sick about them. I did all I could to help them but idkif they’re going to make it. I hate seeing animals/people die; I’ve seen too much of it. Then, I almost collapsed in tears in violin class because my teacher was pressuring me to get every pitch perfect in my Largo by Vivaldi and also because I was still worried about my fishies. Then, of course, there are the sibling disputes and the homework…..
So yea. Just had some ranting time. Please pray for me.

That Girl Over There

Music Schedules and Prayer?

Music, music, and more music. That’s truly what makes up 70% of my life. Here’s this week’s music schedule:

Monday ~ ensemble class.
Tuesday ~ private piano and violin class (classical training)
Wednesday ~ private piano class (creative music training + improvisation techniques) & sister’s flute class
Every day ~ practice, practice, and practice!

Literally. Can I just crawl into a hole and hide?!

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Sounds Like…


When you make music, it reflects your current emotional state. That includes everything from anger to loneliness to happiness to joy.
It’s a beautiful way to express yourself~
If one has a well trained ear, she can tell what a person’s personality is like just by listening to that person play.

What kind of feelings are reflected from your music? If I were to listen, what would your playing say about you?

Yours truly,
That Girl Over There~