Day 5: My Dream Job

My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.


Dream Job:

I’d love to spend my life helping others. That’s the highest, purest form of human happiness isn’t it?

I’ve always loved the medical field – the thought of helping to change other people’s lives in little and big ways has always thrilled me. Recently this year, I had an opportunity to volunteer at a three day, free health clinic that was held in Los Angeles. It was amazing to see how many different kinds of people needed help and to see how desperately they needed it! Definitely one of my most favorite memories ever.

So there’s my dream job – kind of obscure, but at least I have an idea lol.

I want to witness for God by helping to change other people’s lives in the medical field :D If that doesn’t work out, I pray that I’m willing to follow His plan for me.



Day 2: A Confession


I confess…that I have spent many nights with tear-soaked pillows. I’ve wanted to give up many times – more than I can count. Sometimes I’ve even lost the willpower to keep fighting, to keep persevering in this cruel world. I’m sure many of you can relate. But I’ve learned that you can either make or break the chains that bind you.

Keep fighting.

A Blogging Journey

Well, over the past year I’ve experienced blogging in so many different ways. One of them is the way I post. During the first few months as a blogger, I wrote mostly in my own format. I expressed my thoughts and feelings in the way that I thought was perfect. But apparently it wasn’t perfect, due to the lacking number of likes I would receive. So I began to look for inspiration. After reading popular blogs like Doodlemum, Katzenworld, and many others that received hundreds of likes, I tried to imitate the way they post. And sometimes I succeeded. I always had this feeling of “OH WOW OH WOW THEY LIKE MY POST!” whenever people clicked that star. But, in my heart, I knew it wasn’t my true self in my posts. I subdued my originality and instead, tried to write posts that the blogging world would like. And I find it difficult to put those kinds of posts together. Perhaps it is because I haven’t fully matured as a blogger, but I think that the best kind of blog is the kind that reflects yourself. Each word should show your personality, not a copycat of someone else’s. In the end, I must say that I blog not for the number of likes I receive, but to write from my heart. Each one of us is unique and we must show the world our individuality. So don’t be afraid. Go on out there and show them who you are.

That is all.

Yours truly,

That Girl Over There~

My Dad’s Perseverance 😄

Recently, my father got the idea of building some swings for my sister and I. To all of us, this seemed like a great idea, but neither of us knew the challenging task that lay ahead. On his first attempt, Dad attached ropes to some boards and hung them from the oak branches.

Hmm. Very crude, Dad.

However, we excitedly jumped on. My sister, Carissa, enthusiastically began to swing her leg over the board — and promptly tumbled to the leafy ground!!! The rope had unknotted and now lay, useless. We shot dejected looks at our sheepishly grinning father. Disappointed, me and my sister retreated to the house while Dad busied himself trying to fix it. The next day, he gave up. However, he resolved to make a better – AWESOME – swing!!! Carissa and I watched uncertainly as he drove away to Home Depot.

Dad returned toting a long, wooden board. In addition, he had sturdy ropes and metal finishing touches with him.

He set to work.

Sawing, measuring, climbing up on ladders which tilted precariously. Tying knots carefully. Getting up early to work on them. Untiringly, he labored each morning to make his creation perfect. With love, Dad gave his time and effort to produce two beautiful swings, hanging from our shady oak tree. Today, they make a beautiful picture — two swings, side by side — and two young girls, screaming with delight as their daddy pushes them.

Thank you, Daddy.