8.07 pm

he stared at the worn, loved journal. breathless. he knew the girl whom it belonged to, but he gingerly lifted its leather cover anyways. his eyes fell on the first page, covered in familiar, neat handwriting. swallowing, he began to read the words.

“I miss you.

There’s no other way to put it.

I miss you from the bottom of my heart, and with all of my broken pieces. I miss you so much and so intensely that it feels as if the sky caved in on me and drenched me with all of its glittering stars. I miss your soft eyes, your soothing voice, and your strong arms as they embraced me. You didn’t know it, but when you held me, you held my whole world together. I knew falling in love with you, of all people, was a dangerous risk. But you hugged me so tightly that all my broken pieces stuck back together. You loved me so fiercely until all I saw was you; all I thought of was…


And now, watching you look at her the way you looked at me. It feels as if the wispy, gray clouds have enveloped me in their haze of sadness. No, not sadness. What I feel is more than sadness. It’s as if the sun has refused to shine, and the moon no longer illuminates the velvety darkness of the still night. It’s like living life without laughter; living in a world without color.

  I don’t want to miss you. But I do. Not missing you is as impossible as breathing without air. It’s a feeling that is always present, no matter how occupied I am.

  So if you ever read this, I hope you know how much and how deeply I loved you, and still do. I miss you, and it cuts me to know that you aren’t missing me back.”

– november 2016 / 8:07 pm.

the boy let out a shuddering sigh, laid the journal down, and looked at the gravestone with the familiar name etched onto it.

  “I miss you too…” he whispered. “But now it’s too late.”


When You’re Alone.

When you want to cry because you feel alone…

When you feel that nobody cares…

When you feel like giving up…

When that person breaks your heart…

When all you have is broken promises…

When life crushes you under its burden…

When you feel neglected and forgotten and lost…

When you just want someone, anyone to love you for who you are…

And no one is there…




Hang in there.


I love you.


That Girl Over There

Tuesday is Monday

Well it felt like a Monday all over again today. First off, my two goldfish, Jujube and Galaxy were not feeling well and I am worried sick about them. I did all I could to help them but idkif they’re going to make it. I hate seeing animals/people die; I’ve seen too much of it. Then, I almost collapsed in tears in violin class because my teacher was pressuring me to get every pitch perfect in my Largo by Vivaldi and also because I was still worried about my fishies. Then, of course, there are the sibling disputes and the homework…..
So yea. Just had some ranting time. Please pray for me.

That Girl Over There

Something Bittersweet

About the use of phones and other kinds of technology.

Yesterday, while eating out, I witnessed a very sad sight. Tucked away in a corner booth, a family sat over their plates of food.

That’s sad, you say? Now hear this part.

They weren’t even eating. Instead, all four were hovering over their bundles of technology.

It was astounding to see. None of them were talking to each other like every family should over the dinner table. Instead, the mother was fiddling with her digital calculator, the daughter (MY SISTER’S AGE!!) on Instagram, the son on his headphones, and the father doing i-don’t-know-what. I lingered for a moment, watching them silently dabble with their phones.

is your family like this???
is your family like this???
Technology has its good and bad parts alike. With it, we can attempt things never done before in only two decades. However, it has negative influences, such as what I have previously written above. Families may get too caught up in the media craze, and start drifting from one another. Their phones become the center of their lives, which revolve around them. Think about it. What role does your phone play in your life today?