that one word can trigger a million different meanings:

it could be a place – your childhood home where you grew up.

it could be a certain moment, locked away inside a box of time that you regularly open, just to feel all the emotions rushing back and bringing a smile to your face.

it could be a specific feeling – like that one time you and your best friend stayed up talking til 2 am, and finally falling asleep hours later with the taste of that ben and jerry’s caramel ice cream on your tongue.

it could be a person – someone that sends you into spiral of joy, nervousness, and happiness all at once. someone who, just by seeing them or hearing their voice, refreshes your entire soul and body.

or it could even be


so before you build a home within anyone or anything, remember that you should find home within yourself.

your happiness does not depend on another person, so don’t put yourself in that empty prison.

repeat after me: your happiness does NOT depend on how another person treats you.

when you are nervous, falling apart, and afraid, pray. learn to forgive and accept yourself; even better, to love yourself. learn to love others. and finally, love God, because dwelling in Him is the most peaceful thing that you’ll ever experience~


Taiwan Throwback!

Well well well it has been almost a week since I’ve posted anything! Yes, I’m still alive. ✨✨
Today I just feel like going back to my second home in Taiwan, so prepare for the blast of photos! {p.s. you’re mostly going to see pictures of food…so…}

This is part of the busy market in Taichung (台中), where I bought exotic fruits, fresh Asian vegetables, and sometimes treats like a steaming, golden sweet yam~

A display of some lovely looking cherimoyas!

I literally can’t get over these red bean cakes…*wistful sigh* They’re hot, sweet, and absolutely delicious!

We paid a visit to the impressive Chiang Kai Shek memorial. He was the one that got Taiwan rolling after he fled from China!


My dream store – perfect for a kawaiian. Yes, kawaiian is a real word. No, it isn’t in the dictionary yet…but I’m working on it;)

And that’s all for now! If you ever want to go to Taiwan with me…let me know and let’s go together :)

That Girl Over There

Pigeons and Warm Weather

Today was a beautiful day in Taichung. The sun was shining, there were cotton candy clouds, and the breeze was warm but not too warm. Of course, I had to get out of my grandparents’ house and into the sunshine! I called my sister and we galloped eagerly down the dank stairway into a local park.

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Bubbling Hot Pot Night

December 23, 2014 but posted on December 26, 2014
Wow! Today we visited our second cousins in the very center of Taiwan, her Sun Moon Lake. They kindly took us out for a whole day of sightseeing! It was all very exciting, with so many new things to see (and eat). To finish the day off, our relatives drove us to a fancy hot pot restaurant. A hot pot consists of a pot of soup, with ingredients of your choice.

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Bits of Taiwan — Just For You!

So I’m in Taiwan. A stranger from America. Although I’ve been here several times already to visit relatives, everything is still new and strange. On this trip, I determined to remember everything I saw. When I first arrived here two weeks ago, I was stunned by the pollution, the noise, the busyness! I live in a place where it’s peaceful, so it was a bit of a shock for me.

Also, the weather captivated me. In sweat. For winter, it was extremely hot and humid! Much too hot to be comfortable. But enough of these (memorable) complaints. Here are several things that I absolutely love here: the food, the night market, and the convenience!
1. Convenience — restaurants can be reached on foot in less than five minutes. You could stroll the streets of your neighborhood and spend a day’s worth of shopping there. I LOVE THIS PART


2. The food — Taiwan’s food is amazing. Everything tastes better here! The fruits are sweeter and juicier, the vegetables are more tender, and you can find dessert coordinated to your special taste. For me, it’s not much milk and egg taste and less sugar, thank you. The foods we have in America would cower before their versions here. Have any of you eaten shaved ice? Here, shaved ice comes with do hua, a kind of dessert tofu that’s soft and slippery. The taro and sweet beans are delicious!

Ok, I could go on and on about food, but I guess I better stop now……
3. Lastly, the night market — basically you can find everything here. As you you can see from the name, it occurs at nighttime. At large markets, hundreds of booths, stalls, and tents are set up to display merchandise. And that merchandise can vary widely – from noodle soup to blankets. I especially like to buy shoes here. Young people at the night market sometimes stay till 1:00 A.M. However, my family and I retire before 11:00 P.M. The clamor and bustle makes us exhausted.
Well, this place is fun and exciting, but I miss our cozy home in America. One more month to go….I’ll keep you posted (no pun intended). See you!

— oceanwave12

Night Market Adventure

“COME BUY MY HANDBAGS!” A lady’s shrill market voice sliced through the air.
Not to be outdone, another vender yelled, also in Chinese, “Come buy my clothes! You can even try them on!!!”
The night market in Taiwan is bustling and as packed as sardines in a can.
I stayed close to Mom as we moved forward at the pace of one inch per second. Bright lights dazzled my eyes as they clashed with equally shining colors. Chinese characters shouted silently for customers to buy.

“How about some food?” Mom joined the throng at a booth.
I sniffed the air. It all smelled strange to me. As an American-born Chinese with Taiwanese parents, I was unfamiliar with the culture of Taiwan. This visit of six weeks hopefully would help to immerse me into my parents’ homeland.

Mom appeared with a paper bowl of deep-fried mushrooms. Normally, we don’t eat such things, but hey — its Taiwan! I popped a tasty, crispy oyster mushroom into my mouth as we moved from booth to booth, store to store. While shopping, we also munched on goodies like green onion pancake, a salty, fluffy dough studded with green onions. There are so many incredibly cute things there. Plus, everything is way cheaper than it would be in America!!!! As the night progressed, I purchased a pair of jeans and some adorable slip-on shoes to bring back to the U.S. It was amazing how I then became tired after only thee hours. I guess the crowds and heavy air was getting to me. Wearily, we waved for a taxi. Then, a large one pulled over to the side, and I fell asleep in its backseat as we zoomed back to my grandparents’ house.
I’ll definitely go back to the night market — later.