Day 4: I Can’t Even List Everything – the Title Would Be Too Long!

   Wow! What. A. Day. I don’t think I even have to tell you that I’m wiped out beyond words! Day 4 is the day our family joined a bus tour traveling through several Candian provinces. On our route, we stopped at the city of Hope, a ginseng factory, and had a lovely view of the Fraser River, which is so cold (4 Celsius) that no one dares to swim in it! Well, maybe except me…. 😉

   After lunch, our tour guide directed us to a beautiful waterfall called Spahats Falls. For all you loyal followers, I literally just stood at the railing trying to think of how I would describe such a magnificent scene to you. And here it is. There are two, giant rock walls coming together to form a V. At the point of the V is a chasm that splits the joining rock sides in half. Keep in mind that the chasm only cuts half of the rock walls. And, in that chasm is a bubbling spring that tumbles out of the chasm and the rest of the distance to the ground, where it gathers in clear, gushing pools. Now, see how much thought I put into this explanation? You’re welcome~

       The finale to the day was watching salmon spawn in a nearby creek. Don’t even think about squirming. In reality, watching salmon spawn was so inspiring. These king salmon overcame huge obstacles and gigantic odds to fin their way back to their birthplace. They swam all the way from the ocean to this little creek that was shallow, their fins protruded from the swirling water. And if that’s not enough, these courageous fish don’t eat for the six months they take to travel to their birthplace. They Don’t Eat A Thing. That’s pretty unbelievable. And there’s even more. These beautiful fishies lose their luster and shine, and scars and scratches from the rocks replace them. These salmon give up everything to return to their spawning grounds. After they lay their eggs, they lose even more – their own life.
It reminds me of a familiar story.
Jesus came down to earth from heaven. He lost so much. He was “bruised and wounded.” For us. And in the end, He lost His life. But there was hope, because He was resurrected from the dead and restored. The salmon lose their lives, but they give hope — they spur on the next generation of salmon, who repeat the same thing. There’s always hope, no matter the situation.
Thanks for putting up with my rambling and reading this far!

That Girl Over There~