A Lil About Yours Truly

well this certainly needed an update x)


I’m Faith. A young teenage girl on the West Coast with a blog about her life. Here are some random facts about me :D

  1. I’m an avid musician and I currently play piano, violin, and guitar.
  2. Food photography is my weakness. It also makes me mad because I wish I could actually eat the pictures.
  3. I absolutely LOVE being in the kitchen – cooking and baking is full of endless surprises that never fail to tantalize my senses.
  4. I have an Instagram and you should totally follow me @jfk.oon ;)
  5. I cannot light birthday candles to save my life O_O
  6. The beach has some sort of power over me – the sound of delicate, crashing waves instantly soothes my mind.
  7. I love all food, but my comfort food is pasta. And baguettes. Also lasagna.
  8. I started this blog two years ago because I wanted to share my life with others and make them smile :)
  9. I am a Christian, a proud daughter of the King.
  10. My friends and family mean the world to me and I love them to death.
  11. I’m a pretty tiny person, just barely over 5 feet xD
  12. I love reading your comments.Your feedback means so much to me!
  13. I’m a human too. Don’t think of me as some random blogger out there – we’re all here for each other :)
  14. I love all animals – especially corgis and shiba inus!

Love you all so so so much! I hope you stick around :)


58 thoughts on “A Lil About Yours Truly

  1. Hi, Faith! Nice to meet you! You sound like an awesome person. :) I’m also a Christian, I’m a very tiny person, I play the piano and I like cooking. Lovely blog you have here!
    ~ Zielle

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  2. Hi, Faith! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check it out here: https://findthebusstop.wordpress.com/2017/07/08/the-liebster-sunshine-blogger-awards/

    I totally understand that you’re still trying to figure out the future for your blog. Feel NO pressure to do this award – I do want you to know that I think your blog is awesome and, active or not, needs recognition for all the beautiful content it has. And I want to thank you for being an awesome blog friend! :)

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  3. Hi, Faith! (Jay >:D) I love your blog. It’s so pretty. (I mentioned this in another comment, but I had to mention it again. xD) One idea….get more stuff in here. It’s so intriguing, and I want to see more!


  4. Hey! I’m Lexi from NSA (we just talked yesterday! lol) and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! It is so cute!! I totally get and understand how you feel with all of your blog posts! It is so teenage..ery! xD If that’s even a word xD

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  5. So good to meet you, like you..I live on the West Coast …of INDIA in the smallest state of our country, GOA. We are blessed with pristine beaches and lots of fish :) Of late I have started appreciating the beaches much more than what I used to do before. Rain is something I enjoy too :) Am I glad to have across this blog.
    Hi, I am Savio from Goa and what is your name?

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